A Wedding Tale

March 11, 2012

Hyacinth & Clive Harvey tied the knot in a very private ceremony attended by close family and very few friends. However small the size of the wedding it was still beautiful and we enjoyed capturing every moment of it.

Take a look.





The Best Camera

The best camera is not necessarily a Nikon D3x or a Canon 5D MKII unless its always with you at all times. In my case my camera is with me all times and better yet who wants to lug around with a DSLR all day long just for the sake of having it.

Thats where my iPhone come in. Thats my best camera and i proved that yesterday when i caught a picture of the sunset while driving.

It wasn’t the best picture in the world but those who saw it demanded a copy. So don’t get all hung up about having a DSLR…simplicity goes very far.

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