The iPhone Fashion Shoot

So many of you blame your equipment for your lousy shots when in fact you should blame yourself for not knowing ow to use your equipment.

Take a look at the guys from as the do an entire photoshoot with the worst possible camera…an iPhone 3GS. If you still blame your equipment after watching then….

Thanks to Lee Morris for this one.


The Ideal Photography Workflow

For many years photographers have tried to perfect their craft and some have been able to do so. From their shooting styles to their work flow. One of my all time favourite photographers, Chase Jarvis did an in depth video of his workflow. Now i must say that to each his own and you dont necessarily have to have this same setup to be successful just get a workflow that best suits your needs.

Take a look at the video below and tell me what you think.

Hope you learnt something from this video, like, always have a back-up hard disk to store you data!!!

Nikon D7000: Review

Brought To You by Kai W.

Here’s a in-depth review of the Nikon’s newest the D700.

Annie Leibovitz and The iPhone Camera

Annie Lebovitz recently appeared on NBC’s new Rock Center news program answered a question about what camera to buy and she said that the “snapshot camera of today” is the iPhone. What do you think about that?

Watch the video in full here:

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