What clothing models should bring to commercial photo shoots

I know it took a while but i am making my first post for the year 2012. I have been super busy but now that i have the time here goes and Happy New Year.

Good commercial models have invested in a commercial wardrobe. Models are often requested to bring a wardrobe to the shoot.This is especially true of stock shoots. I have made lists of wardrobe items most stylists would like to see you bring.


  • a few business suits
  • a little black dress
  • a few skirts (Current style is best, not too short.)
  • scarves and accessories (Cheap costume jewelry is fine—the more the better. A ring to look like a wedding ring often comes in handy.)
  • nice black slacks and tan pants
  • 5 or 6 tops (Colors are fine, but no black, no crazy colors or prints, and no logos.)
  • a turtleneck
  • jeans (no holes, not too worn-looking)
  • black and tan low-heeled shoes
  • tennis shoes without prominent logos (obvious branding)
  • black high heels (not too stripper-looking)
  • sandals
  • shorts (not too short)
  • ball cap with no logo
  • strapless bra, nude
  • nude undergarments
  • tube top
  • socks
  • a one-piece bathing suit and a two-piece if you have the figure for it
  • a jean jacket
  • a blazer, current style
  • push-up bra and cutlets if you are small on top


  • a nice suit (not cheap—This is a good investment in your career.)
  • jeans (not too worn-looking)
  • black shoes
  • tan shoes
  • tennis shoes (no obvious branding)
  • socks—black, tan, and white
  • dress shirts for suits (4 or 5 in different colors)
  • 2 or 3 ties to coordinate with shirts
  • polo-style shirts (3 or 4 in different colors)
  • Dockers-type pants in navy and khaki
  • belts (dress and casual)
  • swim shorts
  • shorts, cargo in tan or khaki and one dark color
  • T-shirts (white, black, a few colors, no logos)
  • dress slacks, dark and light (no white)
  • turtleneck
  • pullover sweaters in a few colors
  • dress and sports watches
  • ball cap with no logo

My biggest pet peeves are worn-looking clothing. Take clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid fading and wrinkled clothing. I like to see models arrive with clothing on hangers in a garment bag. I hate seeing a wardrobe wadded up in duffel bags.

Obvious branding should be avoided on all clothing. If you can recognize a brand, we probably cannot use it on the shoot. Small logos on polo-style shirts normally will not show up, but anything larger may.


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