What clothing models should bring to commercial photo shoots

I know it took a while but i am making my first post for the year 2012. I have been super busy but now that i have the time here goes and Happy New Year.

Good commercial models have invested in a commercial wardrobe. Models are often requested to bring a wardrobe to the shoot.This is especially true of stock shoots. I have made lists of wardrobe items most stylists would like to see you bring.


  • a few business suits
  • a little black dress
  • a few skirts (Current style is best, not too short.)
  • scarves and accessories (Cheap costume jewelry is fine—the more the better. A ring to look like a wedding ring often comes in handy.)
  • nice black slacks and tan pants
  • 5 or 6 tops (Colors are fine, but no black, no crazy colors or prints, and no logos.)
  • a turtleneck
  • jeans (no holes, not too worn-looking)
  • black and tan low-heeled shoes
  • tennis shoes without prominent logos (obvious branding)
  • black high heels (not too stripper-looking)
  • sandals
  • shorts (not too short)
  • ball cap with no logo
  • strapless bra, nude
  • nude undergarments
  • tube top
  • socks
  • a one-piece bathing suit and a two-piece if you have the figure for it
  • a jean jacket
  • a blazer, current style
  • push-up bra and cutlets if you are small on top


  • a nice suit (not cheap—This is a good investment in your career.)
  • jeans (not too worn-looking)
  • black shoes
  • tan shoes
  • tennis shoes (no obvious branding)
  • socks—black, tan, and white
  • dress shirts for suits (4 or 5 in different colors)
  • 2 or 3 ties to coordinate with shirts
  • polo-style shirts (3 or 4 in different colors)
  • Dockers-type pants in navy and khaki
  • belts (dress and casual)
  • swim shorts
  • shorts, cargo in tan or khaki and one dark color
  • T-shirts (white, black, a few colors, no logos)
  • dress slacks, dark and light (no white)
  • turtleneck
  • pullover sweaters in a few colors
  • dress and sports watches
  • ball cap with no logo

My biggest pet peeves are worn-looking clothing. Take clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid fading and wrinkled clothing. I like to see models arrive with clothing on hangers in a garment bag. I hate seeing a wardrobe wadded up in duffel bags.

Obvious branding should be avoided on all clothing. If you can recognize a brand, we probably cannot use it on the shoot. Small logos on polo-style shirts normally will not show up, but anything larger may.


Project: The Caribbean Experience

What are we doing?

The Caribbean Experience is essentially a production team going to various caribbean countries documenting by film their way of life, history, national landmarks and other insightful aspects. We all know that people often travel to various islands mainly for vacation and will sometimes go on tours to see a very small aspect of an island that is significantly rich in history. Our aim is to bring all that to the world so when next they go there they would have already have a deep knowledge of that particular island.

How are we going to do it?

Our aim to spend one week (7 days) in each country/island getting as much footage we can possibly get. After the week has ended we come back home process all the footage and produce the first DVD within three weeks. So, in total we would spend a month on each country.

This process will be repeated until we have reached our goal.

So, whats the money for?

Its your money and you want to know what we are going to do with it. Honestly, we need your money to procure transportation, fund production costs, food, etc. Most of the team members are originally from the caribbean and so we would not be staying in hotels or luxury resort…more like “my moms house”. Thats the truth!

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